Change logo loading in Kibana 6.0.1 and Kibana dashboard only viewer role

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I have some question when testing with x-pack

  1. How to change logo loading in kiaban 6.0.1.

I replace logo in file /src/ui/views/chrome.jade and re optiminze kibana, logon kibana changed but logo loading screen does not.

  1. I followed guide for setting kibana_dashboard_onl_user but not success.
    When i login, it return "not authorize"

{"statusCode":500,"error":"Internal Server Error","message":"An internal server error occurred"}


(Tim Roes) #2


regarding the loading icon. Currently you would have to change the logo in ui_app.jade that is used while loading. Though that looks like code duplication for me, so I will check if we can remove that second place in the future.

Regarding the login error: Could you provide any additional logs, that are logged at the Kibana server (on the console of the running Kibana process)? There should be a stacktrace there, that provided additional information.


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Thank @timroes,

I got it!

After trying update to 6.1.0 version, kibana dashboard user role is working.

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