Change of unit

My disk is full and I want to change my information to another Elasticsearch unit, in the configuration I know that the new route is added

----------------------------------- Paths ------------------------------------

Path to directory where to store the data (separate multiple locations by comma): /path/to/data E:\path\data

Path to log files:

#path.logs: /path/to/logs
path.logs: E:\path\logs

What files do I have to move so that it detects it and does not change the configuration.

This isn't a fully supported approach, but it usually works.

  1. take a snapshot of your data
  2. shut down Elasticsearch
  3. move your data directory to the new location that has more space
  4. update to point to the above directory
  5. start Elasticsearch

I moved the files that are in the log folder and I have no problems, but the Data folder is where I have problems since it is the folder that has a lot of information stored, do I have to move some specific files?

You need to move it all.

There is a way to only move some files since it is the one that weighs a lot, so I will add another disk

You can't do that sorry, it has to be everything.

is that they are 2TB

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