Change pipeline worker node to provide sequence of logs in kibana

I tried to configure the pipeline worker node by changing from the default of 1. This is to provide solution to the issue where logs are not in sequence in kibana.

I have followed suggestion from the below already logged issue.

Continuing the discussion from How to process messages strictly in the order they arrive?:

I tried to set the pipeline worker by doing the following in logstash.yml :

pipeline.workers: -w '1'

However it gives the following error :
[2019-07-02T14:45:40,553][FATAL][logstash.runner ] An unexpected error occurred! {:error=>#<ArgumentError: Failed to coerce value to Integer. Received -w '1'

What am I doing wrong ? @magnusbaeck

'-w 1' is a command line option. In logstash.yml you would just need

pipeline.workers: 1

Thanks for responding back. '1' is the default option . So I don't need to change anything if I don't need multiple pipeline.This is according to documentation. Will that be the way to go ?

The default value is equal to the number of CPUs on your system, so if you have a single CPU you do not need to change anything.

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