Change score function to return number of matches of search term in the documents


I have gone through the default scoring function that elasticsearch uses.

score(q,d) = 
      * coord(q,d) 
      * SUM ( 
            tf(t in d), 
                    ) (t in q)

score(q,d) is the relevance score of document d for query q.
queryNorm(q) is the query normalization factor.
coord(q,d) is the coordination factor.
The sum of the weights for each term t in the query q for document d.
tf(t in d) is the term frequency for term t in document d.
idf(t) is the inverse document frequency for term t.
t.getBoost() is the boost that has been applied to the query.
norm(t,d) is the field-length norm, combined with the index-time field-level boost, if any.

I want to use Coordination factor alone as my score.

Any help here is highly appreciated.


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