Change the data type mapping of a field

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I have a loaded index in Kibana. I need to perform a regex search on one of the fields. The field is currently type 'text' and the regex search doesn't seem to work correctly on 'text' fields. I have tested my regex searches on 'keyword' fields and they work perfectly. Therefore I am looking to change the field from 'text' to 'keyword' so I can perform regex searches on this field.

Is this possible and if so, how can it be achieved?


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Use this tip:

POST /twitter/_close

PUT /twitter/_settings
"analysis" : {

POST /twitter/_open

Adapt to your case.

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That won't work unfortunately. You will need to reindex with a mapping that matches what you want.

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ok, so the only resolution is to create a new index with new mappings and input all the data again ?

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I did more research today and found the re index API which seems to achieve the task I want.

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