Change the default of 10 dashboards to something higher


I know this is not a setting currently available through the GUI but could somebody point me to the file that contains the amount of dashboards shown by default?

The 10 default is 10 but I would like to set it to something higher. I know you can pick 50 from the drop down box but that doesn't appear to be saved so every time somebody access the dashboard they got to click that button again. Rather just edit the default value in a file somewhere.

Hi Sjaak,
so it can depends on the version of Kibana you are using and for sure that local change will be overridden on every Kibana upgrade.
For example, since 7.2 you can apply those changes to src/legacy/core_plugins/kibana/public/table_list_view/table_list_view.js

Remember two things: that will change the default perPage option for the dashboard list and the visualization list.
Your request also highlighted an issue we have on the pagination where we are not correctly configuring it on the in memory table @Liza_Katz can you take a look?

--- a/src/legacy/core_plugins/kibana/public/table_list_view/table_list_view.js
+++ b/src/legacy/core_plugins/kibana/public/table_list_view/table_list_view.js
@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ class TableListViewUi extends React.Component {
       filter: this.props.initialFilter,
       selectedIds: [],
       page: 0,
-      perPage: 20,
+      perPage: 50, // if you want to rise that number you should also change the PAGE_SIZE_OPTIONS object

@@ -310,7 +310,7 @@ class TableListViewUi extends React.Component {
   renderTable() {
     const pagination = {
-      pageSize: this.state.perPage,
+      initialPageSize: this.state.perPage,
       totalItemCount: this.state.items.length,
       pageSizeOptions: PAGE_SIZE_OPTIONS,
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@Sjaak01 I'll take a look at it.
I just want to make sure I am understanding correctly: You'd like to be able to configure the default number of items displayed in tables across Kibana. Right?

Thanks @Liza_Katz

I want is to change the default number of dashboards displayed on the dashboard page.

Right now the default is 10 and the drop down box allows you to select e.g. 20 or 50 but whatever you select is not saved so next time you log in you are back to the default 10 dashboards.

What I would like is the ability to either

  1. Set the number of dashboards displayed by default (e.g. 50, 100 or all)


  1. Add a "all" option to the current drop down menu and make sure the selection is saved as the default so next time a user logs in the previous selected number of dashboards is shown by default.

Thank. I tried making the suggested changes but it causes Kibana to fail when optimizing.

Is there any error message you can share

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