Change the settings of an S3 Repository


Earlier, today I successfully installed the S3-repository plugin and was able to create a repository, and subsequently take a snapshot. All good, nice and straight forward :slight_smile:

However, now that I've managed to set this up on one of our servers, I would like to roll it out across our other servers. In planning for that, I've realised that I have pointed the repository that I created at an S3 bucket which I would like to rename, to accommodate the other servers.

Renaming an S3 bucket is straight forward. Is it possible to edit the repository's details on my ES instance though? I have scoured the documentation, and various posts elsewhere and I can't see anyone suggesting that it is possible.

If altering the bucket which this repository references isn't possible, can anyone suggest an alternative which would allow me to achieve the same thing?



You need to create a new repo, there is no way of updating them.

Okay, thanks for letting me know Mark.

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