Change visualization:colorMapping

(Luís Ricardo da Costa Carvalho) #1


I want to change the charts color palette in the "visualization:colorMapping", but didn't find any examples. Someone can help me on this? Giving some example.


Luís Carvalho

(Lukas Olson) #2

The next version of Kibana that will be released allows you to select colors on the actual charts. Until then, you can modify the visualization:colorMapping setting as follows:

Say that I have a chart, and inside the legend there are three values: "GET", "POST", and "PUT", each with their associated color.

Inside the visualization:colorMapping advanced config setting, I could customize the color for each of these by changing it to {"GET": "green", "POST": "blue", "PUT": "green"}. (You can use hexadecimal values instead as well.)

Does this help?

(Luís Ricardo da Costa Carvalho) #3

Yes, it helped.


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