Changes of hostname or ip addresses does not updates host metadata until metricbeat restart on nodes

Hi there,

I have an issue here with metricbeat.

I found out that if I change the hostname of my debian nodes (hostnamectl set-hostname FQDN), or if i add or remove IP addresses, i always have to restart metricbeat in order to receive the host metadata updated.

Is this a bug, or it is simply this use case not implemented?

Greetings and thanks in advance. Great product by the way.


I think that this should have to do with the caching of the metadata. Please check cache.ttl of the config options:


You are right!

I overlooked the cache.ttl setting at metricbeat.yml.

Thank you very much. Issue solved.

Greetings and stay safe!

By the way, would be nice to have also the IP addresses in CIDR notation or with a separate netmask field.

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