How to identify different ip address of different hosts with Metricbeat?

I am using metricbeat to collect system metrics of linux and windows, just like the useage of cpu,memory and so on.
Metricbeat currently only recognizes different hostnames of different hosts but I want to identify the source ip address.
Can it be done or how to do it?
I am asking for help.

You can manually overwrite the beat name with the IP address in the config file. Can you elaborate on why you prefer the ip over hostname for us to better understand you use case?

Thanks for your reply, I found that I ignored the "General" module in metricbeat.yml until your reminder. Indeed, I can modify and assign the ip address for the name field.
Still talk about my use of the scene:
What the technology stack I used is BEK(Beats-metricbeat + Elasticsearch + Kibana). There are some computers which installed Windows and Linux in the department, I collected metrics of them and wrote into elasticsearch. When I saw the data in elasticsearch by kibana, I found that I couldn't recognize the data source because all the host name of those windows computers is admin-PC, so it was difficult to distinguish and I want to identify them with ip address.

I see. Thanks for sharing the details.

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