How to get host IP address?

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I am getting the host name when I see logs in kibana. We have many servers who have common name so its hard to identify server from logs so I want IP address also to be sent in logs.
How should I do that?


(Steffen Siering) #2

In beats you can configure the name field with a custom name per instance. As a machine can have multiple IPs, beats do not try to add IPs. In logstash support for adding beats client IPs has been added most recently:

(Rahul Singh) #3

My scenario is like this
Metricbeat -> Kafka -> Logstash -> ES -> Kibana

So logs come from kafka for multiple servers in logstash.

(Steffen Siering) #4

In this case your best option is to use the name setting, in order to configure a custom name.

You can also use the fields setting to add more meta-data one can use for filtering.

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