Changing directory for and path.logs

I just installed the Elasticsearch on windows 2012 server and want to change the directory paths for and path.logs per best practices. App info:

--Current location

I stopped the apps (Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash) and updated the elasticsearch.yml file to this: E:\data\elasticsearch
#path.logs: E:\logs\elasticsearch

When I restart the services it still shows paths:

"data": [
"path": """E:\apps\elasticsearch-5.3.0\data\nodes\0""",
"mount": "Local Disk (E:)",
"type": "NTFS",
"total_in_bytes": 107371032576,
"free_in_bytes": 105539002368,
"available_in_bytes": 105539002368

"path": {
"logs": """E:\apps\elasticsearch-5.3.0\logs""",
"home": """E:\apps\elasticsearch-5.3.0"""

Do I need to update somewhere else also?

Also noticed in file elasticsearch-service.bat that these paths are set:

if "%LOG_DIR%" == "" set LOG_DIR=%ES_HOME%\logs
if "%DATA_DIR%" == "" set DATA_DIR=%ES_HOME%\data

Do I need to update these?


If you run elasticsearch-service.bat manager in the bin directoryko and click on Java do you have a path set there?

Yes it is. I figured it out, the elasticsearch.yml was commented out. I made a backup and was looking at wrong file. Thanks

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