Changing Document Ranking

Hi, I have 100 documents in my index and now if i am searching for a word then i am getting 10 results . For example 9th result is more appropriate for me so now i want to change ranking for 9th results so that next time if i will search same word then 9th one should appear as first result. I want to achieve this via JAVA API's. Please advise.

If you want to do this then you'll need to have some property on that doc that your query can match to help single it out as the best match. Perhaps boosting by what you think makes it "best" (e.g. a price is cheap) or by adding the particular user's search term to a special field called "boostedSearchTerms" or similar.
If you use elastic's Site Search then positioning a result for a keyword search can be adjusted just by dragging a doc to the desired position in the admin GUI. We then do all the rest behind the scenes to make the searches rank appropriately.

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