Changing Maps Services to Openstreet maps

In the previous version of Elasticsearch we were able to modify the scr/public/index.js file and use Openstreet maps, however we don't find the file anymore.
(As described here:
Any suggestions?

What version of Kibana are you on?

Version: 5.0.1
Cluster ID "a37b04"

If you are on Cloud, which it looks like, then you cannot modify Kibana.

Also please make sure you post Elastic Cloud questions in the right category, otherwise our engineers won't see your query. I have moved this for you :slight_smile:

We have the same version running on our own server. That is the version we want to modify and that is the reason we choose Kibana as category.
Maybe should not have put the Cluster ID.

Ahh ok, I have moved it back then.

Tks a lot. However: any idea on how to change the map services ?

Out of curiosity - why do you want to use a tile service other than Elastic Tile Service? Is there a limitation in what we currently offer?

The only limitation we think it has, is the zoom level. We want a service that let you see the details at a block level.

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We're working on exposing additional zoom levels for the default Elastic Tile Service, but if you need additional zoom levels or details right now, you can configure Kibana to use a compatible tile service via the new tilemap configurations in kibana.yml. Check out the Configuring Kibana docs for details.

You no longer need to hack the source code.

Edit: Keep in mind that we can't guarantee the availability of third party tile services, but many are known to work.

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