Changing / Modifying / Customizing Visualize Library

Hello everyone,

I would like to create a set of dataset from Visualize Library since some of the templates that I see can be more powerful than Lens / Dashboard since you can set infinite about of data/values to show - instead of 100 values only.

However when I just click Visualize Library, it is the same as dashboard and value limit is only up to 100. I click into one of the data table templates but I cannot change it to other field ( I would like to use LOG but its DYNAMO-EVENT here.

Could someone guide me how to customize my visual library from the beginning so that I can replicate a type of dashboard that resembles the templates provided by Elastic Cloud?

I am mostly interested in a data table dashboard where I can have more than 100 values.

Thank you!


What version are you on? This limit is now at 1000 for Lens (since 7.13 IIRC) if that helps!

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