Changing refresh interval at one place changes the refresh interval at all other places

Steps -

  1. navigated to dashboard tab, selected one of the dashboard from table --> navigated to detail page --> here if you will change refresh interval value
    2)come back to listing of dashboard page again select one of the dashboard other than initially selected one ,the refresh interval value is changed for this dashboard too.

Is setting refresh interval value at one place reflects everywhere ? If yes,
please let me know why such behavior is there.
Thankyou in advance.

![dashboard1|690x275](upload://epWWRoyl1WG8ocV5CrpHYFWcb4P.png) ![dashboard2|690x301](upload://2584TX18lk3y9EQY3cemXULy6HF.png)

Hi @ravi_yadav2,

This is indeed current behaviour.

  • Refresh Interval
  • Time Range
  • Pinned filters

Are preserved within navigations between different apps.

Also, when you save dashboard there is a checkbox to "Store time with dashboard". When dashboard is saved with this checkbox checked, dashboard will use that time range and refresh interval when opened, unless there is a different override in the url.

thanks @dosant

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