Changing xpack monitoring index


I want to lower the number of indices generated by monitoring modules from filebeat and metricbeat. That monitors logstash, beats, elasticserach and kibana.

I would like these indices to be monthly indices.

When I use i.e kibana module for metricbeat in exchange of kibana-xpack module, I can see an index in the elk but no data are displayed in kibana monitoring UI.

Is it possible to achieve what I want using kibana-xpack module? Or how to point where monitoring logs should be checked?

Usually when nobody answers that is an excellent indicator that what I am asking about is in the documentation. This time is no different.

After playing with metricbeat kibana module and changing the index pattern to


I still did not see data from kibana module. So i rollback to kibana-xpack. I used reindex function to combine all daily indices to 1 index. I will now just write some short script that will run daily and manage everything.

Please, can someone explain to me why when I use kibana module for metricbeat instead of kibana-xpack
and I set the index pattern for that module to .monitoring-kibana-7-mbb-{+xxxx.MM} I don't see data from that index pattern even from the discovery dashboard?

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