How to create data view of metricbeat stack monitoring index in discover(xpack settings used)

Hello All,

I am trying to monitor my Elastic stack consisting of metricbeat,filebeat,heartbeat and logstash stats to be monitored in discover. Somehow I implemented metricbeat monitoring reading docs using modules.d folder that has beat-xpack.yml and logstash-xpack.yml.
Below are the indices created in stack management, but unable to make data view to view the index data in DISCOVER to see the stats and make kibana visualization using them.


Any help would be appriciated.


Hi @Jason_Paralta

What version?

You need to allow "hidden and system indices"

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Hello @stephenb ,

Version 8.8.2

This helped and worked as expected.Appreciate your help here. On the similar grounds I've a long pending task which I'm not sure how to do. If I may ask to have a look into below and help here as well?

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