Logstash and Beats -Metricbeat,Filebeat stats monitoring using metricbeat

Hello All,

I've a simple requirement as stated below and unable to achieve after attempts:

Multiple servers run metricbeat,filebeat and heartbeat in respective servers and in kibana dashboards I'd like to monitor in tabular format data about host,status and stats details:

  1. Metricbeat hosted server name and status(up or down)[Table two column server name and status), same approach for heartbeat,logstash and filebeat.

I went through documentation and I see there legacy way of monitoring is no longer supported or would be removed. Only possible way is monitoring using metricbeat. There I checked modules.d folder contain beat.yml,logstash.yml . I'm unable to understand proper config that need to be done so that I can monitor all filebeat,logstash HOST AND STATUS details.

Below kibana dashboard is requirement, the requirement is to understand through dashboard on which host particular component like filebeat or logstash is hosted, status if its up or down. How to best approach this. I'm using enterprise edition and new to elk stack.Please help understand to do right configuration.
Please guide the best way to do and what exact configuration I should use to get below table data. Can a single config file can monitor all these multiple compoenents on multiple server or individually config file?
Below is the dashboard requirement:


@chrisronline Could you please suggest or provide right way to implement this? , The above table is the requirement. I am in use with 8.X version.

Could anyone help here?, I fail to achieve my above table requirement.
The good thing is I have enabled system.module to get process info every 5 min hence, metricbeat and filebeat info comes in field value process.name: "metricbeat.exe" and "filebeat.exe", but logstash and heatbeat dont show at all.
As per my understanding .exe comes up and mayb logstash is java process and heartbeat as well hence they dont come in index. Not able to understand how can I manage to make above table.Hurdle is logstash and heartbeat are not .exe and behaves as java process and there are multiple java process.

Hello ,

Can someone assist here?, since after lot of trying at my end I am unable to do.

Today I'm successfully able to use modules.d two settings:

1)logstash-xpack.yml and beats-xpack.yml under modules.d option.
Both worked fine.

Now after enabling beats-xpack.yml I'm getting data of only FILEBEAT.
I need data of all the beats i.e metricbeat and heartbeat also, but these two dont come and even there are not seperate metricbeat-xpack.yml and heartbeat-xpack.yml that I can use. Confused here.Below is the aim.

What are default port where metricbeat and heartbeat will run? , like below port only filebeat runs.

- module: beat
  xpack.enabled: true
   - stats
   - state
  period: 10s
  hosts: ["http://localhost:5066"]

- module: logstash
 xpack.enabled: true
 period: 10s
 hosts: ["localhost:9600"]


I'm no expert at all at this as I'm learninb, but the default port that beats sends its data it 5044. In your example if you have logstash running locally it would all go to localhost:5044. But if for remote servers it would be like logstashsvr:5044.

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