Kibana Monitoring

Hello there,

I'm new to ELK on AWS, I just set up an ELK cluster on one Node and set up filebeat and metricbeat on a separate linux server. On Kibana, I can see from Discovery, the data/logs coming from filebeat and metricbeat, but on Monitoring, I can only see the metrics on the ELK node.
I can see the metrics on Dashborad, though. Is this right? If not, what should I do to use Monitoring on Kibana to monitor the target server where the metricbeat runs on?


It sounds like you are saying that your Monitoring dashboards are missing the info for your Beats. Or in other words, you are trying to set up Beats Monitoring, as in

Take a look at the guide to configure Beats for Monitoring: If Elasticsearch is the output for your Beats, adding xpack.monitoring.enabled: true to the YML might be all you need to do.

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