Chart Data Not Available in Time Windows of Two Hours or Less?

I'm relatively new to Elastic Search and Kibaba, so I'm unsure if this is user error or a bug. The short version is my chart data does not show up with time windows less than three hours

  • I'm using Elastic Cloud.
  • I've upgraded to 7.10.
  • I have a Lens chart whose data will show when I set the time window to the last three hours.
  • However, if I change the time window to show data in the last two hours, NO data shows up
  • My timefield is a field named timestamp whose type is date and is stored as milliseconds since the epoch

Here's my chart with a "Last Three Hours" window set

Data appears to show up for the times 18:30 - 21:00

However, if I change that time window to "Last Two Hours", I see no data, even though this time window (19:15 - 21:00) is within the previous window.

Is this a bug, or is there some subtle (or obvious?) nuance to the handling of time/indexes/data/etc that I'm missing?

I'm still not sure if this is a bug or not, but I think I found the cause for the missing data.

I was able to solve this after a quick chat with some of the engineers on the team.

The problem was I was trying to graph some times series data where I was collecting once entry every five minutes. If I changed my data collection to once a minute, I was able to successfully get chart lines for times more recent than three hours ago. I was told that the problem was with a sparse dataset the buckets are too small which cause gaps in the charts (and those "gaps" in a line chart mean no data)

There's a few ways to fix this without collecting data more frequently.

The first is to set a minimum interval on the chart.

The second is configure how your chart behaves when there's missing data. Lens can fill those gaps in a way that makes sense for your use case.

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Thx for sharing your solution!


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