Check if an ingest pipeline exists


I have a scenario where I have to create an ingest pipeline if it doesn't already exists.

So I issue a get pipeline call with the id to check if it already exists but it returns the following:

Invalid NEST response built from a unsuccessful low level call on GET: /_ingest/pipeline/Document-Processor-
# Audit trail of this API call:
- [1] SniffOnStartup: Took: 00:00:01.1748308
- [2] SniffSuccess: Node: http://localhost:9200/ Took: 00:00:01.1718426
- [3] PingSuccess: Node: http://localhost:9200/ Took: 00:00:00.0040141
- [4] BadResponse: Node: http://localhost:9200/ Took: 00:00:00.0240171
# OriginalException: System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at Elasticsearch.Net.HttpConnection.Request[TReturn](RequestData requestData)
# Request:
<Request stream not captured or already read to completion by serializer. Set DisableDirectStreaming() on     ConnectionSettings to force it to be set on the response.>
# Response:

Is there any way I can check if a pipeline exists which wouldn't return an invalid response if it doesn't exists? or can I simply use PutPipeline method everytime instead of checking and adding the pipeline?

I'm using elastic search 5.1.2 and NEST 5.x

Note: I did set the DisableDirectStreaming() option on the connection settings but still I still get the above message


404 is a totally correct response IMO.
It just says that the pipeline does not exist.

Can't you catch that WebException and get the error code and compare it to 404?

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