Check if string is in field


I need some help checking if a string is contained within the value of a field.

my json has a key

I tried to parse it with

if "mylog.log" in [log.file.path.keyword] {do something{}}

I tried also with

if "mylog.log" in [log][file][path][keyword] {do something{}}

In the table view I can see it named as log.file.path with the right value, but under that value there is a field called "Multi fields" with a log.file.path.keyword item having the same value as above.
Is this correct? How can i parse it correctly?

Thank you!

keyword is an elasticsearch construct, it does not exist in logstash. Use

if "mylog.log" in [log][file][path] {do something{}}
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Thank you Badger! Still doesn’t seem to find the string. In discover the field name is “log.file.path” should I try [log.file.path] ?

If you expand an event in the Kibana discover interface and click on the JSON tab, what does that field look like?

It has

“agent.type”: [“filebeat”]

What is strange is that there is no tag field

When i do

If ![local][file][path]{
  mutate {add_field => {“myfield” => “notthere”}}}

I receive an extra field with the value not there

The field log.file.path is visible under available fields also

That is an array. Use

if "mylog.log" in [log][file][path][0] {do something{}}

Man u rock! You’re really awesome!!!

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