Check/Test whether a node can join cluster or not

I don't want my node to join any cluster,so i followed these instructions
But i want to test whether those settings work or not.

The only way to test that is to start the node.

I have started the node,but how to check the results

The logs will show what happens when it starts up. You can also check _cat/nodes to make sure it is a single node cluster.

where do i find that file in source code,because i am debugging it in ide.

In the logs i got this line [o.e.d.DiscoveryModule ] [node-0] using discovery type [single-node] and host providers [settings, file] does that confirm me .
I changed it in file.
public static final String ZEN_DISCOVERY_TYPE = "single-node"; //earlier it was zen
public static final String ZEN2_DISCOVERY_TYPE = "single-node";

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