Checking the index is exist or not in elastic search 5.6

Java program check whether the index is already present or not .. I have connected elastic search using TransportClient.. How we can used to check the index existness?please reply.Thanks in advance

Please note that the transport client is being deprecated and will no longer be supported from Elasticsearch 8.0 onwards. I would theerfore recommend you use the high-level REST client for Java and have a look at indices exists API.

I would recommend doing some research of your own by looking through the documentation and potentially searching the internet and this forum before posting questions here. You are likely to get better responses if you actually show that you have put some effort into the problem yourself before coming here.

But i have a condition to use only TransportClient.So what will be the solution for checking index existness.

Here is how I used to do that:


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Thank you

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