Child Injectors or Index scoped objects

I am learning the code and sounds like I am getting it.
Would love to fix bugs and contributions back to such a great code base.

What is the intention behind childInjectors? For example,

    ModulesBuilder modules = new ModulesBuilder();
    modules.add(new IndexNameModule(index));
    modules.add(new LocalNodeIdModule(localNodeId));
    modules.add(new IndexSettingsModule(index, indexSettings));
    modules.add(new IndexPluginsModule(indexSettings, pluginsService));
    modules.add(new IndexStoreModule(indexSettings));
    modules.add(new IndexEngineModule(indexSettings));
    modules.add(new AnalysisModule(indexSettings, 

modules.add(new SimilarityModule(indexSettings));
modules.add(new IndexCacheModule(indexSettings));
modules.add(new IndexFieldDataModule(indexSettings));
modules.add(new CodecModule(indexSettings));
modules.add(new MapperServiceModule());
modules.add(new IndexQueryParserModule(indexSettings));
modules.add(new IndexAliasesServiceModule());
modules.add(new IndexGatewayModule(indexSettings,
modules.add(new IndexModule(indexSettings));

Above modules injects components into a global injector as singletons. I
was guessing - each index (lucene index) would have one instance available
of all this components. But sounds like I am wrong.
What's the point of maintaining such map objects though -

private final Map<String, Injector> indicesInjectors = new HashMap<>();

private volatile ImmutableMap<String, IndexService> indices = 


I see the only new instance injected into every index is just Index instance
otherwise all other components are singletons. I am not getting the point
of keeping it in childInjectors.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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