Chinese Characters in Grok

I have a log that is in Chinese. An example will be

2016-01-20T17:27:22+08:00 Server1 日志类型:电脑操作, 用户:user12

I have created a grok pattern for parsing this log. I verified it in

The problem now is that I got this error when I am running Logstash
"Error: Expected one of #, input, filter, output at line 1, column 1 (byte 1) after"

Once I remove the Chinese characters in the grok pattern Logstash will be able to run

How should I resolve this?

Is your configuration file UTF-8? No byte order marks at the beginning of the file? It would help if you posted your configuration (format it as code when you paste it) and the output of hexdump -C your-file.conf | head.

I have saved it in UTF-8 format.

I am running it on Windows

Make sure there is no byte order mark at the beginning of the file. You can use any hex editor for that.

So I'll need to hex the log file as well?

No! I'm just suggesting that you check that there's no byte order mark at the beginning of the configuration file.

Problem solve. Thanks for your advise:relaxed: