Choosing ECK for Openshift Cluster

Hello Team,

Need your advice to have a better monitoring method unlike we have it for our current OpenShift cluster, which is running on the version 4.12.40. We are looking out for features which also includes the application health, application logging, application’s response time etc..,.

  1. We are currently having "openshift-logging" which was installed using the openshift-logging operator in our cluster which comes with Elasticsearch and Kibana. Where the Kibana version comes out of the box with Kibana 6.8 version. which doesn’t have the feathers like ‘Beats’, or any dashboards creating features to monitor the application’s response time.
  2. Could you please advise, if we can add the Elasticsearch (Elasticsearch (ECK) operator) without removing the current logging namespace (openshift-logging) or
  3. Do we need to remove the existing openshift-logging and then proceed to setup the Elasticsearch (Elasticsearch (ECK) operator) to have the monitoring features like described above.
    Please advise us to pick up the right monitoring tools to have a better monitoring control over our microservices which are deployed in our OpenShift cluster