Choosing Primary Node

(John Harding) #1


I have my index set to 1 primary and 2 replicas and I have 3 nodes that are all master/data capable. I'm creating a lot of separate indexes using bulk data import of a few hundred thousand records each. We do not wish to combine these separate indexes into one big index.

Today I am sending all my index creation requests to the same node. This results in that one node containing all the primaries and the other two all the replicas. This seems like it's imbalanced and could cause problems when creating new indexes as that one node is always the one that has to index things first.

So I'm trying to balance the primaries between all 3 nodes.

  1. Am I right to be concerned at the imbalance?

  2. Is there a configuration that I can use to tell ES to balance the primaries equally? Or do I need to externally balance my requests amongst the three nodes? I suppose one option would be to create the index, issue a cluster reroute command and then do bulk indexing - but I'm wondering if there's a way to achieve this balance via an ES config setting...

John H.

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