Christians must know:

Christians must know: Allah say in Holy Quran that `I will send a dish of
Heavenly food for honoring Hazrat Isa A'lihisalam (Jesus), But if His
followers will not express happiness for the Heavenly food, i will punish
them hardly, this kind of punishment will not be seen ever. Whatever it is
hard punishing unexpressed happiness for food for honoring Hazrat Isa
A'lihisalam (Jesus), If Christians dont be happy for Hazrat Muhammad
Salla'hu alihi wa sallam who is also the Rasul (prophet) of Hazrat Isa
A'lihisalam(Jesus), what is the amount of punishment??? That's way, A large
amount of Divine Punishments (like: Flood, Snowstrom, Wildfire, Cyclone,
Drought, Tornado, Tsunami, Volcano, Food & Money crisis) upon them, which
doesn't seen never & ever.

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