CircuitBreakingException internal:index/shard/recovery/start_recovery

Hi All,

I am running a few nodes of ES 5.6.5 with HEAP set to 30G and to 20% . Some of my shards are unassigned and i tried to restart and once the ES is started I still see some of the shards are getting unssigned. When I look into the reason of unassigned shards I get the below message

failed recovery, failure RecoveryFailedException[[.test_index][0]: Recovery failed from {WARM-}{eBycpN86Tji7--R0uO5c4A}{JjnKxb6sSpyCQvEy81YOww}{}{}{box_type=warm} into {WARM-}{LG5CPCNaR4ycXdXUAlwZlQ}{TlPC7-Z7QdCkRsmANEQD3w}{}{}{box_type=warm}]; nested: RemoteTransportException[[WARM-][][internal:index/shard/recovery/start_recovery]]; nested: CircuitBreakingException[[parent] Data too large, data for [<transport_request>] would be [5594975772/5.2gb], which is larger than the limit of [5543336345/5.1gb]]; "

Is this issue due to to 20% ?. Can you please suggest how I can look into this issue further

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