CircuitBreakingException: [parent] Data too large - troubleshoot

Hi all,

from time to time (not that far apart) i can see error CircuitBreakingException: [parent] Data too large.

I can see a lot of similar topics but i can't find a conclusion.
The exception tell us that we reached the configured threshold of parent circuit breaker and that the reported query may not be the one making the problems but just the one making the reach the threshold.

1-How can i check all the queries that were running at that time or in current time (maybe i can catch it...).

2-Which configurations are important for this topic? how should i get them?

I think the point 1 is important to understand if anything is not or in case of OK maybe change the config in point 2.


What is your heap size? Which version of Elasticsearch are you running?

Please post the entire error you are seeing.

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