Cisco ASA syslog parsing

I new to ELK, I am trying to parse cisco ASA syslogs. I am using default patterns of Cisco logs from this plugin from here

I also see proper output in logstash

"src_interface" => "outside",
"src_port" => "47148",
"@timestamp" => 2019-03-29T04:00:34.368Z,
"protocol" => "UDP",
"type" => "syslog",
"@version" => "1",
"host" => "",
"reason" => "Failed to locate egress interface",
"dst_ip" => "",
"dst_port" => "53",
"message" => "<166>Mar 29 2019 15:00:33 ciscoasa : %ASA-6-110002: Failed to locate egress interface for UDP from outside: to\n",
"src_ip" => ""

But I keep getting this error

[WARN ] 2019-03-29 15:01:13.757 [[main]>worker0] elasticsearch - Could not index event to Elasticsearch. {:status=>400, :action=>["index", {:_id=>nil, :_index=>"logstash-asalogs-2019.03.29", :_type=>"doc", :routing=>nil}, #LogStash::Event:0x2a023fa3], :response=>{"index"=>{"_index"=>"logstash-asalogs-2019.03.29", "_type"=>"doc", "_id"=>"Zhybx2kB4sJ2xTwf2iYM", "status"=>400, "error"=>{"type"=>"illegal_argument_exception", "reason"=>"Rejecting mapping update to [logstash-asalogs-2019.03.29] as the final mapping would have more than 1 type: [cisco-fw, doc]"}}}}

I know the reason of this error message, The type is removed from 6.0 and I am using 6.6. But I am not sure how to solve this issue.

Here is my logstash config

input {
udp {
port => 1514
type => syslog

filter {
date {
match => ["timestamp",
"MMM dd HH:mm:ss",
"MMM d HH:mm:ss",
"MMM dd yyyy HH:mm:ss",
"MMM d yyyy HH:mm:ss"
timezone => "America/New_York"
if "_grokparsefailure" not in [tags] {
mutate {
rename => ["cisco_message", "message"]
remove_field => ["timestamp"]

syslog_pri { }

grok {
  match => [
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106001}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106006_106007_106010}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106014}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106015}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106021}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106023}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW106100}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW110002}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW302010}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW302013_302014_302015_302016}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW302020_302021}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW305011}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW313001_313004_313008}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW313005}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW402117}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW402119}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW419001}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW419002}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW500004}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW602303_602304}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW710001_710002_710003_710005_710006}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW713172}",
    "message", "%{CISCOFW733100}"


output {

stdout {
codec => rubydebug

elasticsearch {
hosts => ["localhost:9200"]
index => "logstash-asalogs-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

Appreciate any help on this issue.

The log output contains a small clue. It seems you are trying to create a second type in an index. It seems there is already a type cisco-fw and the above configuration uses doc as the default type. You can try to add document_type => cisco-fw in the elasticsearch output.

For more information, see (please take the time to read, as this is important for future upgrades)

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