Clarification on Output Supported by Elastic Agents - Is Output to Logstash Supported?

I apologize ahead of time for posting this in the Beats sub, but it appears there isn't a sub for Elastic Agent.

Near the top of this page, it states that "Beats and Elastic Agent can both send data directly to Elasticsearch or via Logstash, where you can further process and enhance the data, before visualizing it in Kibana."

However, further down the page, in the "Supported outputs" section, it states that the Output to Logstash is "Under consideration".

We are considering moving from Beats (85 of them) to Elastic Agents, to gain central management functionality via Fleet. But, our Output requirements are either Kafka ("Under consideration") or Logstash (not sure of status).

Can someone please clarify whether Elastic Agents support the Output to Logstash and hopefully can provide a reference?

Hi @Log_Gobbler

Logstash output only works with standalone versions of Fleet Agents.

For Fleet managed Agents, it is still only Elasticsearch Output.

Thanks zx8086!

  1. Does anyone know when decisions may be made on whether to add support for Outputs to Kafka and Logstash, for Fleet-managed Elastic Agents?

  2. For those that have a significant number of Beats and/or Elastic Agents deployed, what are you currently using to centrally manage them?
    (For us, "centrally manage" means monitoring their health, changing their configurations, and performing upgrades of the Beats and/or Elastic Agents)

  1. Given it's available for standalone Fleet Agents, i think it will be soon, but only elastic can say.

  2. Using a hybrid setup and migrating features functionality as they become available in Fleet Elastic-Agents. Managed via Ansible.

Here is the capability matrix.

Elastic does not publicly post roadmaps, however continued development of Elastic Agent is a high priority.

Stat tuned!

Thanks zx8086 and stephenb for your response.

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