Class NetworkPlugin has not found- Elasticsearch 6.1.1

(Adam Lasota) #1

Application throws java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.elasticsearch.plugins.NetworkPlugin. In the pom I added two dependencies:


 private static final String SERVER_IP = "";
  private static final Integer SERVER_PORT = 9300;

    public TransportClient transportClient() throws UnknownHostException {

        return new PreBuiltTransportClient(Settings.EMPTY).addTransportAddress(
                new TransportAddress(InetAddress.getByName(SERVER_IP), SERVER_PORT));;

Before this post I deleted all files inside .m2 folder and reimport all dependencies. Anybody has idea where can be a problem?

Today I focused on available maven repository for this project and found two different dependencies, but I can't find older version in maven pom. I attach image with print screen: . Older elasticsearch version is marked as parent and is a third party pom. Thank you for reply :slight_smile:

(David Pilato) #2

Just run:

mvn dependency:tree

And you will see which other lib brings Elasticsearch 2.

As you did not share your full pom.xml here, it's hard to know.

(Adam Lasota) #3


dependencyTreeMain - dependency report from the whole project (dependency:tree),
pomCore file - it is a module where I have implement TransportClient to Elasticsearch.

org.elasticsearch.client:transport:6.1.1 has org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:2.4.6

Problem should be easier to find. Additionally in the project I am using Spring Boot.

(David Pilato) #4

Could you share that as instead ?

And yes I was suspecting you are using Spring. You need to fix the spring deps I think.

(Adam Lasota) #5

Yes of course

gist.github raport

(Adam Lasota) #6

Problem has been resolved: Spring Boot has default elasticsearch version below 5.0.0. The solution was by adding properties with version Elasticsearch, which we want to use in application. @dadoonet, thank you very much. You have been right about the conflict of dependencies Spring.

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