“Classroom Guide” or “Reference" Links not working

The links on Strigo does not seem to work - has been like this for some time now.

I would be really grateful for help.

The following are steps to recreate:

  1. I select the DNS

  2. I paste on the browser and get

  3. I click on either “Classroom Guide” or “Reference”, I get

Many thanks in advance..

Unfortunately, it would appear that those links were not implemented for this course. I will open a ticket to remove them.

Many thanks Will

Really grateful for the quick reply.

Is there a method of getting the slides or written course material of the new Elasticsearch Engineer (On-Demand) course?

The video is just fantastic, but reading course content helps bring home certain 'difficult' concepts.

Sorry for the delay, long weekend here. I'll raise this with the team, I'm not sure what the answer is.

You should have access to the slides under "Additional resources" (in learn.elastic.co, not Strigo).


Many thanks....

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