Clear cache on demand and Circuit breaker Problem

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I'm trying to get some aggregated information by Querying Elasticsearch via
my app. What I notice is that after some time I get a CircuitBreaker
exception and my query fails. I can assume that I load too many fielddata
and eventually the CircuitBreaker stops my query. Inside my application I
have a logic where I do the query sequentially by time. For example I split
the query with a range if two hours to every half hour, hence instead of
doing one query for the full two hours period I do 4 queries of half hour
each. And this is something I can configure.

My Question is whether it has a meaning to perform a clearCache request
between my requests (or every 15 minutes for instance) in order to avoid
CircuitBreaker exception. I know I will make it slower but to my mind it is
better to perform a bit poorly rather than stopping the operation. Knowing
that the query remains the same (with different parameters) does this have
a meaning ? or I will end up deleting and creating the same cache again and


Other alternatives here to avoid circuitbreaker in the most efficient way?
Of course if I leave it unbounded I eventually get a heap space exception..

Thank you

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