Clojure support in APM Java Agent?


Before debugging my problem further, does the APM Java Agent support Clojure applications at all? Can't seem to get any log output or anything when trying it with a project using Jetty and supported JVM.

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To be honest, I don't know. We have not yet tried the Java agent with other JVM languages yet. How are you installing and starting the agent? How does your Jetty application look like? Are you using jetty-servlet?


Thanks for the reply! The latest agent jar is downloaded from Maven Central and the app is started like this:
java -server
-jar /path/to/clojure_app.jar

The configuration is provided via env variables. No log output though, even when defining the configuration as cli parameters.

The app runs jetty via ring-jetty-adapter:

One problem is that the java agent requires to define the java package, but clojure uses namespaces instead.

For New Relic, there are 3rd party wrappers to enable clojure support:

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