Closing and reopening index


What are the pros and cons of closing and reopening of an index.I am using this for updating my synonyms file. Will it have any impact on performance perspective of cluster.I have gone through below link.But didn't find any performance related impacts.

And also when reopen index i am seeing "Cluster health status changed from [RED] to [YELLOW] (reason: [shards started [[appliancesynonym][0]] ...])." .
Seems like it is restarting the shards.Will it have impact on other indexes when i close one particular index.


if you close your index we basically drop all in-memory representations of it and unload the index. If you reopen it then we go an reload these structures. Now, once you do that none of the shards are allocated so the cluster turns red for a second. The only impact it has on perf is that you can't search on this index while you close /reopen it.

Thanks for the information

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