Closing Index in Production

I want to update a filter and I can't do that without closing index. We are using elastic 2.4 and have 6 node cluster with minimum discoery node 4.

And what is your question?

There is a filter in settings of the index say custom_synonym which is a synonym filter . I want to change the path for synonym file . How can I change it dynamically with zero downtime and without closing index

You cannot, you need to close the index.

Can you please guide how to do this without zero downtime , I mean any workaround ?

If you had an alias you were querying through, you could keep two versions of the index. This would allow you to modify close the one the alias is not currently pointing to and you can then change the alias when the change is complete. This would allow you to change without downtime but would take up more space on disk.

That's the problem ! Disk space . We have index size of 1.6TB.
Thanks for your response

That is the only way I can see to do it without any downtime.

We can't bear this.Anyway Thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist

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