Cloud: Cannot use snapshot for restoration from previous deployment


First off a small note. There doesn't seem to be a category for the managing cloud managed environment (

Within the cloud it is possible to use a previous snapshot to build a new deployment. While this is great, I would like to know if there is an option to choose another repository, as I expect that is the issue.

For minimal impact on our appsearch instance I'm using a clone-switch approach for minimal impact. When an upgrade is pending a clone is created, upgrade is performed, validations are performed and when these were successful the alias of the deployment is switched with the running one.

In case there is an issue I would like to go back to the previous server. We could keep the old instance running, but this is costly. Another approach is to use the snapshots as they were designed to be recovered. Next to the default snapshot I do have a daily policy with an extended retention. When I check the new system the snapshots are taken over, but cannot be used within the cloud to set-up a new deployment. I do see the snapshots of the previous deployment within the repository _clone* instead of found-snapshots.

Does someone have an idea to use snapshots from this repository?
(small note for the 2nd screenshot - the same is shown when using 7.16.3 which exactly matches the snapshot version)

Is there any solution to this? Would this classify as a bug for a real ticket?

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