customer, need to perform REST search queries

I'm a user of Elastic and Kibana via the service. I have an aggregation search query which works perfectly from the Kibana devtools console. I now need to perform this query via a REST HTTP call from another application. Which URL endpoint and API path would I use for this and what authentication method? I know how to get the URL endpoints from the portal for Elasticsearch and Kibana, but which one do I use? I have tried POSTing to '/api/v1/_search' but do not get the same response as the devtools console.


Start here:

and then

The basic concept is that you need to send the query to the _search endpoint on Elasticsearch.
In the Cloud console there's a "Copy Endpoint URL" button - you want the one for your Elasticsearch deployment.

Then you can POST your query to

But I really recommend reading some docs, and/or completing a training course, because there's so much more that it's worth getting familiar with.

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