Cloudwatch logs input plugin not streaming all log groups

Hi ,

I am using cloudwatch log input plugin to stream logs to ES using logstash.
below is my configuration.

input {
    cloudwatch_logs {
       log_group => [ "/aws" ]
       log_group_prefix => true
       access_key_id => "ABC"
       secret_access_key => "ABCD"
       #since_db => "dev/null"
       #start_position => "beginning"
       #type => "lambda"
       region => "us-east-2"

But the issue is i am not able to see all log groups in kibana which are available in AWS Cloudwatch.Few of the log groups are missing.

Can you please help me on this..!!

Any help on this ..!!

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Hi Sainath, Can you help me to install this cloudwatch_logs plugin. I did not found this plugin any where in internet. Can you please help me?

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