Clustẻr setup - Fail to connect to master node

Hi, we are trying to setup a cluster on a local network (Windows) with zip installation;
I setup the zen discovery like so:
http.port: 9200

--------------------------------- Discovery ---------------------------------- ["",""]
with both the local address of the other node and the static ip address.

But elastic return error:

[2018-07-04T13:58:03,807][WARN ][o.e.d.z.ZenDiscovery ] [node-vanvu-100-104] failed to connect to master [{node-Data}{ccIGqmHxRLG1gSYfUTu1gg}{RG3A4zRNQhGG7RDV0wCBvQ}{}{}], retrying..

Please help. Our network doesn't even have these range of IP {}{}

anyone could help point me in the right direction please ?

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