Cluster configuration 1 shard 0 replicas

I have an elasticsearch cluster consisted of 3 nodes.
I want to create time based index (let's say, every month I will create a new index) and
store it on 1 node. Than the node will replicate automatically the index to the other nodes.
Can i configure the index to be with 1 shard and 0 replicas since each node is operating as a full replica?


If configure zero replicas, then you will not have any replicas.

Ok, so if I want each node to have an exact copy of the index from the master node,
how many replicas should the index have? (I have 3 nodes)

If you want a copy on every data node and you have three data nodes then you should configure the number of replicas to two. The number of copies will always be one plus the number of replicas configured for the index.

Why would you want to do this though?

I will try to explain our needs and if some does not make sense please let me know.
Today we have a system that is written in java and deployed on a 3 nodes cluster.
The cluster is master slave.
Each operation is performed on the master and replicated to the nodes.
Each node has it's own relational DB and it persists into it's own DB.
Our java application has to worry about synchronization between nodes, failover, recovery of node etc.
We want to move part of our DB into elasticsearch and use it's clustering features in order to use the replication and auto failover without our intervention (at least for the DB).
In order to do that, we thought about using the es cluster and let it do the magic for us.

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