Cluster-Default index allocation box?


Is there a way to have cluster-default index allocation box settings?

I mean,
There are many indices(ON SSD backed nodes) and some templates.
Some indices were created with index template, but others not.

I want to have hot-warm architecture

So, prepared a few warm(SATA) nodes.

In this case,
I just want to every new indices allocated to hot(SSD) nodes.
Box type definition is belong to index or index templates settings.
If some index created with no template It can be allocated to warm(DATA) nodes, I think.
Is this right?

Or is there any simple way to let every indices allocated SSD without index templates?

I found the answer myself.

No matter what various templates or indices exists,
We can make every new index allocated to 'hot' nodes by adding a template like below.
if a new index matches multiple templates, templates' will be merged then used for new index setting.

PUT /_template/global_settings_allocation
  "order": -1,  // <-- negative value to ensure this templates wins for all.
  "template": "*", // <-- every indices matches
  "settings": {
    "index": {
      "routing": {
        "allocation": {
          "require": {
            "box_type": "box_hot" // <-- give initial box tag

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