Cluster ElasticSearch Red

Hello everyone, here is my problem, I have my elastic cluster with a red status.

I used this api : http://localhost:9200/_cluster/health


cluster_name : "elasticsearch",
status : "red",
timed_out : false,
number_of_nodes : 1,
number_of_data_nodes: 1,
active_primary_shards: 81,
active_shards: 81,
relocated_shards: 0,
initialization_shards : 0,
unassigned shards : 59,
unassigned_delayed_shards: 0,
number_of_tasks_on_wait: 0,
number_of_tasks_in_flight: 0,
task_max_waiting_in_queue_millis: 0,
active_shards_percent_as_number: 57.85714285714286

and this one: http://localhost:9200/_cluster/allocation/explain

here is the answer :


* note: "No shard was specified in the explain API request, so this response explains a randomly chosen unassigned shard. There may be other unassigned shards in this cluster which cannot be assigned for different reasons. It may not be possible to assign this shard until one of the other shards is assigned correctly. To explain the allocation of other shards (whether assigned or unassigned) you must specify the target shard in the request to this API.",

* index: ".async-search",

* shard: 0,

* primary: true,

* current_state: "unassigned",

* unassigned_info:{
  * reason: "CLUSTER_RECOVERED",

  * at: "2022-09-20T08:14:57.280Z",

  * last_allocation_status: "no_valid_shard_copy"},

* can_allocate: "no_valid_shard_copy",

* allocate_explanation: "cannot allocate because all found copies of the shard are either stale or corrupt",

* node_allocation_decisions:[
  * {
    * node_id: "6jjP2267STulJ90j6cI0pw",

    * node_name: "MBE-DEV08",

    * transport_address: "",

    * node_attributes:{
      * ml.machine_memory: "16954863616",

      * xpack.installed: "true",

      * transform.node: "true",

      * ml.max_open_jobs: "512",

      * ml.max_jvm_size: "8476688384"},

    * node_decision: "no",

    * store:{
      * in_sync: true,

      * allocation_id: "8-8u13KDSi6QhEYBby4VEA",

      * store_exception:{
        * type: "index_not_found_exception",

        * reason: "no segments* file found in NIOFSDirectory@C:\Users\User\Desktop\elasticsearch-7.16.3\data\nodes\0\indices\mEQ6LFWoSGO-IPaiDv49Wg\0\index files: [_30b.fdm, _30b.fdt, _30b.fdx, _30b.fnm, _30b.kdd, _30b.kdi, _30b.kdm,, _30b_1.fnm, _30b_1_Lucene80_0.dvd, _30b_1_Lucene80_0.dvm, _30b_Lucene80_0.dvd, _30b_Lucene80_0.dvm, _30b_Lucene84_0.doc, _30b_Lucene84_0.tim, _30b_Lucene84_0.tip, _30b_Lucene84_0.tmd, _30c.cfe, _30c.cfs,, _30d.cfe, _30d.cfs,, _30d_1.fnm, _30d_1_Lucene80_0.dvd, _30d_1_Lucene80_0.dvm, _30e.cfe, _30e.cfs,, write.lock]"}}}]


I don't know how to solve this problem, thanks in advance for your help.

Unless you are using async search, I would just delete that index and let the system recreate it.

Thank you for your answer, how can I remove it? Directly on kibana ?

You can do it in Kibana Console or via curl - Delete index API | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

thank you for your help, it worked, my status went from red to yellow. My kibana with the dashboards works again!

Just one question, the fact that the status is yellow, does it pose a problem?

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It's because you have a single node, so replicas cannot be assigned.

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