Cluster Event Timeout exception

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Hi All,

I am seeing the below error on my ingest nodes. Not sure why but if someone can point me to a right direction for the fix. I would really appreciate that.

2017-07-31T12:06:05,440][WARN ][r.suppressed ] path: /cloudtrail-bigdata-prod-2017.07.30/_alias/cloudtrail-all-2017.07.30, params: {name=cloudtrail-all-2017.07.30, index=cloudtrail-bigdata-prod-2017.07.30}
org.elasticsearch.transport.RemoteTransportException: [][xx.xx.xx.xx:9300][indices:admin/aliases]
Caused by: org.elasticsearch.cluster.metadata.ProcessClusterEventTimeoutException: failed to process cluster event (index-aliases) within 30s

ES Version:- 5.2.1
Java Version:- 1.8.0_111
Node Type:- Ingest


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