Cluster initial

Hi community,

I'm starting a new cluster but I need yo help you about a couple questions, such as:

  1. How I create a new cluster in base a node-master and data-node?. So I need know the limitations of cluster, for example the Minimum is 2 master and 1 data-node...and the máximum is????

Could you say me the Minimum and máximum for create a new cluster, please?

  1. If my cluster has 2 master and 1 data node, each Servet (3 total) has 32GB of disk. Which is sizing un total , Will be 32 x 3 ????.

  2. The sizing of data node is allowed into the cluster of this sizing os out of cluster...can I use the sizing for all disk for cluster?

Sorry for my questions but I 'm begginer in eleastich.

Thanks a lot

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