Cluster Low CPU/Heap Usage


Our 8 nodes cluster have crushed. Getting the nodes back up (after closing several indices) "worked" but not we see all servers with 0 cpu usage and heap size usage. We can't figure out why it happens and how to restore activity.

You probably need to provide a bit more detail for someone to be able to help. Which version of Elasticsearch are you using? What is the specification of the nodes and hosts of the cluster? How much heap do you have configured? How many indices and shards do you have in the cluster?


We're using Elasticsearch 2.4
Nodes are r3.2xlarge, r4.2xlarge, r3.4xlarge
Heap is configured to 31GB (half of the node's RAM)
We currently have 101 indices and around 1400 shards. (some of them are unassigned due to NODE_LEFT, even though all nodes are currently reporting to the cluster)

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